Gianluca Campagnolo: C-K From Classic to Klezmer

C-K from Classic to Klezmer unite two beloved musical genres by Italian Clarinetist Gianluca Campagnolo. Great musicality and lively rhythm as well as some smooth standard.

Georg Friedrich HAENDEL: Ouverture HWV 424 for 2 Clarinets and Horn
01. Moderato (2.10)
02. Allegro ma non troppo (1.48)
03. Larghetto (5.36)
04. Andante Allegro (2.44)
05. Allegro (1.06)
Kaspar KUMMER: Duo Concertante N. 1 Op. 46 for Flute and Clarinet
06. Allegro (5.58)
07. Andante poco Adagio (2.20)
08. Allegretto con moto (3.14)
Marc CARLES: Prelude et Danse for 4 Clarinet
08. Tres lent (4.51)
09. Danse (3.14)
10. George GERSHWIN: Summertime for Clarinet, Piano, Drums and Double Bass (7.00)
11. John MERCER: Autumn Leaves for Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Drums and Double Bass (4.39)
12. Joe BUSHKIN: Benji’s Bubble for Clarinet and Piano (1.31)
13. Astor PIAZZOLLA: Oblivion for Clarinet, Electric Guitar and Piano (4.51)
14. Oscar SHER: The sound of safed for Clarinet, Guitar, Piano and Percussion (4.07)
15. Traditional Klezmer: Sherele per for Clarinet, Guitar, Piano and Percussion (2.19)


Sebastiano Molè (Flute)
Salvatore Ciccotta (track 8-9: 2nd Clarinet)
Giovanni Caggia (track 1-5: 2nd Clarinet, track 8-9: 3rd Clarinet)
Graziano Lo Presti (4th Clarinet)
Salvatore Incatasciato (Horn and Percussion)
Valerio Battaglia (Guitar)
Marcello Arrabito (Drums)
Saro Lorefice (Electric Guitar)
Giuseppe Blanco (Double Bass)
Francesco Scrofani Cancellieri (Piano)


C-K: From Classic to Klezmer

Artist : Gianluca Campagnolo
Catalog ref. : AA15002
Format : CD