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La Vita è Bella

https://soundcloud.com/amadeusarte/la-vita-e-bella-live-in-sicily From LIVE IN SICILY, The new album by Gianluca Campagnolo. Coming in August, 2016

Quartetto Noûs plays Haydn

https://youtu.be/WmD5-T4szGM From QUARTETTO NOUS album by Amadeus Arte

7. Metamorphosis

https://youtu.be/zifRycmOpZM Modern Love Waltz from METAMORPHOSIS album by Amadeus Arte. Music by Philip Glass.


https://youtu.be/x2wZ9ojavTQ A great interpretation of Piazzolla's Oblivion by Gianluca Campagnolo. Available on C-K by Amadeus Arte.

9. Piazzolla (produced by Amadeus Arte)

https://youtu.be/jRhh_bfFaq8 INTIMAMENTE TANGO. A new production for Decca (Universal Music) by Amadeus Arte.

Cellist Jacopo Francini plays Cassado

https://youtu.be/YvFsnpJre70 from BACH > DONATONI album for Cello solo, by Amadeus Arte.

C-K: from Classic to Kletzmer a new exciting album by clarinetist Gianluca Campagnolo

https://youtu.be/GrQIDk-255U Gianluca Campagnolo (Clarinet) plays his arrangement of Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla. Included in C-K album by Amadeus Arte

Iamme Iamme, Romantic Music for Trumpet and Fortepiano

https://soundcloud.com/amadeusarte/canzone-napoletana-iamme-iamme-con-variazioni-per-tromba-e-fortepiano Gabriele Cassone (Trumpet), Marco Cadario (Fortepiano)

Deserted Tracks Album by Machajdik

https://youtu.be/Ur_iKlmP5gs Obscured Temptations Performed by Daniel Garel (piano) from DESERTED TRACKS album by Amadeus Arte.

Quartetto Noûs plays Stravinskij

https://youtu.be/sXszhjromto From QUARTETTO NOUS debut album by Amadeus Arte.

8. Antonella Ruggiero, Floraleda Sacchi play Cristian Carrara

https://youtu.be/qLNbO4gq-7A From LUDUS album by Amadeus Arte

Lady be Good – Incursioni Improvvisate

https://soundcloud.com/amadeusarte/lady-be-good Improvising on jazz standards by pianist Aldo Ceccato. part of INCURSIONI IMPROVVISATE album by Amadeus Arte.

6. Happy Birthday John video

https://youtu.be/txIThoyY_eQ 20 seconds from HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! album by Amadeus Arte.

Deserted Tracks album meets Dance

https://youtu.be/zKDZGwmTCdY DESERTED TRACKS an album by Amadeus Arte. Music by Peter Machajdik. Dance by Petra Fornayova Piano: Daniel Garel Video by Peter Groll

Dance of Joy

https://soundcloud.com/amadeusarte/dance-of-joy From CONTAMINAZIONI album by Amadeus Arte. Gianluca Campagnolo (Clarinet)

2. Specifications

https://youtu.be/nueaY_udrmA Promo of SPECIFICATIONS album by Amadeus Arte. Music inspired by Fractals and Chaos.

Quartetto Noûs plays Debussy – String quartet op.10

https://youtu.be/2KpGNTjOqrE From QUARTETTO NOUS album by Amadeus Arte

1. Evocaciones

https://youtu.be/gBA2giHRGkE from EVOCATIONES album by Amadeus Arte. Music by Claudia Montero.

Jacopo Francini plays JS Bach

https://soundcloud.com/amadeusarte/bach-cello-suite-prelude From his latest album BACH > DONATONI by Amadeus Arte.

3. Inside the Tree video


Falling leaves…

https://youtu.be/3BOPjXxMxY8 Gianluca Campagnolo & Band play the Mercer's classic Autumn Leaves. Available on "C-K" album by Amadeus Arte.

Indecisione – new video for Chiaroscuro Album

http://vimeo.com/58320601 CHIAROSCURO album by Amadeus Arte.

5. Dans une grotte

https://youtu.be/JEzPHVuYJHY from IMAGES, album No. 5 of Portraits' Collection by Amadeus Arte.

Benji’s Bubble from C-K album by Gianluca Campagnolo

https://youtu.be/i7eSy8kHc7U Gianluca Campagnolo in an exciting track from C-K album by Amadeus Arte.

4. Haiku

https://youtu.be/QUEMUwsLHTw HAIKU: Album No. 4 of Portraits' Collections by Amadeus Arte