This album is a collection of pieces composed by award winning Slovak composer Peter Machajdik.


Peter Machajdik, Composer

Mayuko Kida
Jozef Luptak
Zwiebel Quartet
Dominik Melicharek, Mayuko Kida, Zuzana Uskovicova
Kristina Lesicka, Mayuko Kida
Daniel Garel
Boris Lenko

  1. Kirin, for Piano
  2.  Solsice, for Cello and Harp
  3.  Again So Close to the Rainbow, for String Quartet
  4.  Flowing Into the Unknown, for Oboe, Violin and Piano
  5.  Deserted Tracks N.1, for Cello and Piano
  6.  Deserted Tracks N.2, for Cello and Piano
  7.  Deserted Tracks N.3, for Cello and Piano
  8.  Deserted Tracks N.4, for Cello and Piano
  9.  In My Dreams I Came Forth from You, for Piano
  10.  Games, Hidden Within Touches, for Piano
  11.  You Breathed the Rainbow In Me, for Piano
  12. Folding, for Electric Guitar, Electronics and Tapes
  13.  Five Mirrors N.1, for Accordion
  14. Five Mirrors N.2, for Accordion
  15.  Five Mirrors N.3, for Accordion
  16.  Five Mirrors N.4, for Accordion
  17.  Five Mirrors N.5, for Accordion
  18.  Uspávanka, for Cello



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