A new album by Clarinetist Gianluca Campagnolo including the unforgettable music by Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Nino Rota and less known Sicilian composers. An album inspired by Gianluca’s native land that brings the sun and charm of Sicily in each track.

Live in Sicily comes from the desire to transfer in a recording the mark left in me from the deep knowledge or simple meeting – in my musical journey and in different moments of my career – with four extraordinary exponents of artistic culture of Sicily, who distinguished themselves in literature, music and painting.
My aim is to link the memory of each of them to one or more tracks.

The first of these meetings, in cronological order was with Gesualdo Bufalino (1920-1996) at the closing Cerimony of NATO base in Comiso (26 May 1991); I like to believe that when he mentioned in his novels a Clarinet player performing Mozart’s work for this instrument, his thought was directed to me, at time a young musician full of enthusiasm. To him is dedicated the Capriccio of Anton Stadler, Mozart’s great friend, to whom the Austrian composer has dedicated all his works for Clarinet.

I dedicate the Duets (as well as other compositions) of Federico Borrometi (Valzer and Fantasia da “La Sonnanbula” for Clarinet and Piano) to Calogero Palermo (1971), for his dearest friends “Lillo”. I believe he was one of the best Clarinetist in the world; I had him as first Clarinet for the Orchestra Mediterranea di Clarinetti, I directed at the beginning of the 90s and, with him, I had a duet as well.

To an artist such as master Piero Guccione (1935), met at private events, who make me know and appreciate an artistic context different than music, I associate movie soundtracks.

The last meeting, with persons who helped me to build up my way of understanding and making music, is with Francesco Cafiso (1989). I met him at the music competition part of the Fiera Emaia in Vittoria (when I was part of the jury). Francesco was a child prodigy able to return, at the end of astonishing executions, the playful child, succeeded in the Mission: Impossible of becoming a leading name in the international jazz scene even if remaining in his native city.

To all the Sicilians emigrated to Argentina, I dedicate the Inverno by Astor Piazzolla: a song that ewokes all the melancholy of those who have left their homeland to seek fortune overseas.


Gianluca Campagnolo, Clarinet

Francesco Scorfani Cancellieri (Piano, track 2, 3, 12-16)
Giovanni La Rosa (Clarinet, track 4-11)
Tommaso Piazzese (Flute, track 12)
Sebastiano Molé (Flute, track 13-14)
Saro Lorefice (Electric guitar, track 12)
Valerio Battaglia (Guitar, track 15)
Giuseppe Blanco (Double Bass, track 12
Salvatore Incatasciato (Percussion, track 12, 15)


01. Anton Stadler (1753-1812): Caprice N. 3 for Clarinet Solo (6.11)

Federico Borrometi (1851-1940):
02. Fantasia from “La Sonnanbula” for Clarinet and Piano (1896) (15.11)
03. Polka N. 5 for Clarinet and Piano (1897) (1.54)
04. Duetto N. 1 for 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.18)
05. Duetto N. 2 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.44)
06. Duetto N. 3 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (3.07)
07. Duetto N. 4 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.10)
08. Duetto N. 5 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.51)
09. Duetto N. 6 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.21)
10. Duetto N. 7 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (2.30)
11. Duetto N. 8 or 2 Clarinets (1934) (3.37)

Astor Piazzola (1921-1992)
12. Inverno Porteño for Clarient, Flute, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Doble Bass and Piano (6.14)

Nino Rota (1911-1979)
13. Godfather Waltz for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (3.17)

Ennio Morricone (1928):
14. Cinema Paradiso for Clarinet, Flute and Piano (4.37)

Nicola Piovani (1946)
15. La vita è bella for Clarinet, Guitar, Piano and Percussion (4.04)

Lalo Schifrin (1948)
16. Mission : Impossible for Clarinet and Piano (5.43)







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