“As a lifelong admirer of Ryūichi Sakamoto’s music, I worked intensively on his compositions in 2022. Although he was ill since long, I was able to get in touch with him while recording. This album is dedicated to him and everyone loving his music. With love and admiration!”
Floraleda Sacchi

“Ryūichi Sakamoto by Floraleda Sacchi” is an album including 13 pieces for acoustic Harp and Harp with live electronics. Selected compositions include music by Sakamoto written from 1970 to 2020, ranging from soundtracks to concert pieces.

Sakamoto has often arranged himself or created different settings for his music: in this album Floraleda used the acoustic Harp and the latest arrangements made by the composer or the Harp combined with live electronics creating personal solutions and elaborating the electronics referring to the composer’s requests.

This project is the first album for Harp dedicated to the music of Ryūichi Sakamoto.


Harp/Live Electronics: Floraleda Sacchi


01. Aubade 2020
02. Germination – Coda
03. Minamata Theme
04. Happy End
05. High Heels
06. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
07. Lost Theme
08. Andata
09. Women without men
10. Solari
11. Solitude
12. Trioon II
13. Hibari


Performance, arrangements and sound processing by Floraleda Sacchi

Floraleda plays a Lyon & Healy Harp, Style 30 No. 22470

Photos: Senia Ferrante

Graphic Project: Amadeus Arte

Recording: Antonio “Aki” Chindamo @ Auditoria Recording Studio, Como, Italy

Mix and mastering: Filadelfo Castro @ Beatfactory, Como, Italy

Ⓟ & © 2023 Amadeus Arte, Cat. No. AA23016